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RIM Shows Updated Blackberry Playbook At CES 2012 Event

BlackBerry PlaybookRIM is constantly on the have improvements in the tablet Playbook. This time around by depending on many additional features, RIM Rim Playbook 2. update shows at CES 2012 today.

Newer and more effective features that RIM championed, amongst others, is really a native application for email and calendars, in addition to a new feature that enables customers Playbook uses his Rim like a handheld remote control for that playbook which means you will have the ability to make use of the keyboard to type on the cell phone remotely towards the Playbook.

Additional features will also be interesting may be the Print Application To Visit, Reading through View, Multitasking emails, updates at work programs yet others. Playbook OS 2. update is scheduled to trouble next Feb.

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