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Apple Launches 24 Applications for New iPad

24 Great Applications for the New iPadApple’s new tablet have started throwing them into the market, the new iPad. With great attention to consumer responses, then Apple launched a new application on iTunes, which is believed to be the best application for a new generation iPad. Though the launch is just a few hours after the Apple Store began selling its new iPad.

The developers have demonstrated a serious commitment by preparing 24 applications will soon be sent to the App Store. And again the difference is only two weeks since the new IOS release.

Here’s the full list of 24 such applications:

  1. Another Monster at the End of this Book
  2. Barefoot World Atlas
  3. Calcbot
  4. Day One
  5. Diamond Dash
  6. Evernote
  7. Flight Control Rocket
  8. Foosball HD
  9. Incredibooth
  10. Infinity Blade II
  11. iStopMotion
  12. Joining Hands
  13. Labryrinth 2 HD
  14. Martha Stewart Cookies
  15. NYTimes for iPad
  16. Real Racing 2 HD
  17. Sketchbook Pro
  18. Sky Gamblers: Air Support
  19. Solar Walk
  20. Star Walk
  21. StockTouch
  22. The Early Edition 2
  23. Touchgrind BMX
  24. Tweetbot

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Nokia Ovi Share Close Service

Nokia Ovi Share StopsNokia has recently issued a shocking news to announce that as of March 14, service Ovi Share will be closed by the Nokia. This information is sent via email to all customers Ovi Share scattered throughout the world.

As we know, Ovi Share Nokia is a similar service Dropbox Ovi account where the owner can upload content such as videos, photos, direct from their gadgets using the internet connection.

The service is closed as of March 14 was only a file upload service. But users can still download the file from the server using the Nokia Ovi share account until the date of May 30, 2012. Indeed, with the closure of services Ovi Share, upload and download service is no longer served, but users can still access other Nokia services with your account.

While Nokia itself acknowledged that the service inactivated Ovi Share, Nokia hopes to focus more on mobile products and services that are location. It seems that this step be taken in order to boost sales of Nokia which continues to decline.

While Symbian users seem to have put them into Microsoft’s great hope that in the near future will soon release SkyDrive application for Symbian, because until now there is no online storage service that has a large enough original application.


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